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I blog because assault is illegal.

I might add that I quiet often crack myself up – my interpretations of my life events are quiet often humorous even is it involves tough times. Today we went to Wally World (have I ever mentioned how much I love Walmart) .. amongst our things to do included getting in there and getting out without Cadey having a princess episode. All was well until we hit half way home. She decided that our trip was fruitless if she didn’t get a snack. Me being a professional negotiator suggested making a cake when we got home. My goal was to distract her and avoid excessive amounts of crying. Cadey thought this was a brilliant idea and decided it would be her birthday cake because as she informed her father who was driving … “Today is my birthday, Daddy.” I thought, that’s odd, I recall giving birth to you on July 1st not November 17th. Her father chimed in with all his daddy charm and suggested that it be Bear’s birthday today. All of sudden the entire scenrio shifted – Cadey announced that it was in fact, Bear’s birthday today and she was going to make him a cake. Wait, not JUST a cake but a cupcake, a giant one with sprinkles. We can’t forget the sprinkles.

When we got home, Cadey immediately prepped her cake and I put it in the oven. Every three minutes or so she wanted to know if it was ready to frost. When it was finally complete, I set it up on the oven to cool before we frosted it. About three hours later I observed claw marks in the cake. Not just any claw mark though, they were little fingered people claw marks. Ahhh yes, my children who tested the cake for it’s pure fluffiness while their dad and I were obviously not observing their naughty behaviors. Yet again, I found myself smirking as I considered how boring my life would be without children. I mean think about it … I would make a cake and have NO ONE to claw it prior to frosting it. How boring!

Cadey sat down proudly at the kitchen table, armed with her sprinkles. I frosted the cake assuring it was spread evenly (an OCD I have). I sat the cake (in fear) in front of Cadey … at first she carefully dusted the top with star candies. Aww how cute I thought. Next she closed the top and grabbed the little ball sprinkles. You know the ones that if you spill them on the floor it’s a god honest mess? She armed her canister and didn’t carefully dust this time, she poured. Oh dear god. I managed to wrangle the sprinkles from her tight little grasp and complete her job. A good portion of the cake was frosted and had about 1/2 ” of sprinkles on top. Fun! What makes this whole experience amusing is …

  1. It’s not Bear’s Birthday. His Birthday was two weeks ago.
  2. The sprinkles I hate the most – made a mess as I predicted.
  3. The cake was white with red, white and blue sprinkles in the batter.
  4. The frosting was red and the sprinkles … those were red, white and blue too.

What can I say, we had a birthday party for a dog who’s birthday was two weeks ago AND already had a party for the hell of it with a 4th of July theme. Just a note, the dog did get a piece of his birthday cake and loved it. I love being a mom, it’s the ONLY job in the world where you can have a Fourth of July Birthday Party in November.


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