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I blog because assault is illegal.

Creative Writing is fun – blogging is much more fun – writing for college …. blah .. B.O.R.I.N.G What’s the deal – I don’t understand why I have so much fun blogging, writing articles online, pissing & moaning here, inspiring over at Kreative Journal, flapping off about my photos at Visual Findings, and yes .. even assuring my facebook status is always up to date with my mood swings. I went on the hunt this morning for blogging memes partially because they always amuse me .. I found this one >> Creative Writing. I missed last week so here is my 5 Good Things About Myself

  1. My hair is pretty fabulous. It is dire need of a dye job (again) but I love the way my hair stylist cut it. Yup, fabbb-o.
  2. My eyes … they’re a misty gray color. I’ve been told they resemble a marble pattern (? W.t.F ?).
  3. My bum is pretty nice. My husband seems to agree. After three kids, I think my bum is bigger, but .. umm.. there?
  4. My lips – my daughter has my lips and they have a pretty shape. I have pretty lips. *puckers up*
  5. My heart – it hasn’t failed me yet. Still beating …

What?!? She didn’t specify inside or outside, right? I have a damn good heart. Pffft. (:

Words of Wisdom Wednesday – ahhhh yes, lets interview my three year old, the light of my life, my little princess … the one who randomly butts into conversations to tell me she has to pee or poop. Wonderful! Again, I missed last week so lets start there ….

Me: Cadey ..?
Cadey: Smashing scooby-doo into over-stuffed little tykes school bus.
Me: Cadeeeeyyyyyy?
Cadey: Huh?
Me: Why is the weather getting cold?
Cadey: Because Santa is coming with my birthday cupcake.
Me: >>??????

…. End of conversation …. There you have it.

So, really I have nothing fabulous to blog about today. Or least, not right at this moment. *Cheers*


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