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I blog because assault is illegal.

I woke up this fine morning to my nine year old laying next to me describing a ball of light that looked like this –> (      ), black shadows going over there —>, and a noise. It is always the noise that bothers me. We do not know where it is coming from, but my nine year old swears it was from over there —>.

Lets face it, a majority of the world believes in the possibility of after life, the paranormal, spooky-pants and I happen to fall in to that category. As my nine year old describes what clearly sounds the perfect paranormal experience – I had about five-thousand explanations going through my head. Do I tell him it might be a ghost? No, probably not. He wont ever sleep again and fail all of his classes. Not to mention it’s possible he may just want to rent his own house and be done with this one.

Do I tell him it was nothing? No. That would a be a lie, things happen in life that are unexplainable. I want him to be curious, I want him to be respectful & I want him to always dig deeper for answers that are still not found. My answer was simple – almost brilliant! I have always believe that my mom’s parent’s were my own guardian angels – in particular my grandma (mom’s mom). Growing up I was very close to her and she meant the world to me. With that in mind I dragged my nine-year old into our kitchen where our fridge is plastered with 4×6 photos of family. There is a photo dad & I being goofy at the cafe, a family photo of all of us, a photo of just the kids and my favorite … a photo of my grandma & grandpa on my parent’s wedding day standing next to my twenty something year old father. I explained to my nine year old who they were. He argued with me about the twenty-something year old man NOT being HIS grandfather and of course – I laughed. Than I made a simple statement that took the scary experience he had and turned it into something unique, almost beautiful …. I told him those two people (my grandparents) were his guardian angels and they were probably here last night just checking up on everyone making sure that we are safe and sound. The look in my nine-year old son’s eyes was amazing, it was if I handed him a brand new Xbox system. I was inspired!

Naturally he was full of questions, some of which I can’t answer. My advice to him was to ask his PARP (religion class) instructor about Guardian Angels. I believe I handled our haunting issue with ease. Considering our house is 140 years old – anything is possible.

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