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I blog because assault is illegal.

Have you ever had a fly land on your computer screen and your initial reaction is to shoo it away with your mouse cursor? I believe “Liberte, egalite, fraternite” also makes for an interesting order of priorities. I have won the county parallel parking championship. Just recently I discovered that flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp. I dream of a better world… where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned. I have amused myself by memorizing the first 300 prime numbers and I can divide by zero. I know that decisions shape destiny. I can bake 30-minutes cookies in 37-minutes. “Everybody dies, not everybody lives” — I love the quote, but have no idea where it’s from. 10 brownie points if you can tell me. In that case we should talk. I’m anti-social, slightly neurotic, paranoid when too many people are around, over-caffeinated, but basically normal. I like my pets more than I like people and yes, my dog sleeps in my bed. You should subscribe to my blog if you’ve made it this far and you found yourself nodding in agreement with what you’ve read feel free to interact with me. All my shots are current!.

The Un-Important Stuff

Twenty-eight year old mother to three undomesticated little people. Married to a man  who probably questions his ability of resistance when wanting to stuff me in a box and send me on my way (one way that is) each time I open my mouth. I am a full-time college student aspiring to gain my associate’s in social sciences (if this torture we call – education ever ceases). From there I will probably breath for a week before starting on my four-year degree in Psychology, more specifically – Abnormal Psychology. I drive a crappy little car, I have a beautiful house with a big backyard (watch out for the shit-piles from my beloved two-year old Aussie/Collie). I have three cats who quite frankly smell like fresh septic on a daily basis, I hate cleaning their litter box and have considered training them to just use the damn toilet like the rest of us. My favorite color is red because it is loud, obnoxious, and my loving husband hates it (so I painted our bedroom …. GaRnet). I am addicted to coffee and quite often am so hyped up on caffeine prior to 8 am that I have nothing left to do by 10 am but, drink more coffee and write a post in here about how skeptical I am about man-kind. I had a decent job at one point, but the boss was a bigger asshole than I am. So, I flipped him the middle hornet and now I’m an anxious house-wife.  I spend each day cleaning up piles of dog shit, hugging the floor after getting a matchbox car stuck under my foot, cleaning the toxic waste from the gravel litter bowl, and assuring my children eat something of no nutritional value at least once every hour per their repeated requests. Did I mention my husband is mortified that I have a blog? He is afraid his friends will think I’m wEiRd. As iF!!!

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