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I blog because assault is illegal.

Friday Question #138 – What fashion fads from the past would you like to ban from ever making a comeback?

  1. Hammer Pants
  2. High-waist jeans
  3. Leggings with stir-ups
  4. Fanny packs
  5. Fur

Friday Fill-In’s #200

1. Why does the United States focus so much on helping others from different countries when we have enough of our own that are homeless, starving and without any assistance?

2. I have no desire to see the world.

3. Thank you for reading my fab-o blog.

4. Christmas is my favorite holiday because for once people focus on giving instead of being greedy.

5. I am SO happy, sooooo happpyyyyy.

6. Mr. Frilly-sneaky pants ran across the road to question the dog as to make up our minds to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to starting my psych final paper case study, tomorrow my plans include writing more of my final paper for psych and Sunday, I want to read some more of my book!

Mommy Moments (I have quite a few of those!)

Post a photo of your kids with something little? Hrmmmm.


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I might add that I quiet often crack myself up – my interpretations of my life events are quiet often humorous even is it involves tough times. Today we went to Wally World (have I ever mentioned how much I love Walmart) .. amongst our things to do included getting in there and getting out without Cadey having a princess episode. All was well until we hit half way home. She decided that our trip was fruitless if she didn’t get a snack. Me being a professional negotiator suggested making a cake when we got home. My goal was to distract her and avoid excessive amounts of crying. Cadey thought this was a brilliant idea and decided it would be her birthday cake because as she informed her father who was driving … “Today is my birthday, Daddy.” I thought, that’s odd, I recall giving birth to you on July 1st not November 17th. Her father chimed in with all his daddy charm and suggested that it be Bear’s birthday today. All of sudden the entire scenrio shifted – Cadey announced that it was in fact, Bear’s birthday today and she was going to make him a cake. Wait, not JUST a cake but a cupcake, a giant one with sprinkles. We can’t forget the sprinkles.

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Creative Writing is fun – blogging is much more fun – writing for college …. blah .. B.O.R.I.N.G What’s the deal – I don’t understand why I have so much fun blogging, writing articles online, pissing & moaning here, inspiring over at Kreative Journal, flapping off about my photos at Visual Findings, and yes .. even assuring my facebook status is always up to date with my mood swings. I went on the hunt this morning for blogging memes partially because they always amuse me .. I found this one >> Creative Writing. I missed last week so here is my 5 Good Things About Myself

  1. My hair is pretty fabulous. It is dire need of a dye job (again) but I love the way my hair stylist cut it. Yup, fabbb-o.
  2. My eyes … they’re a misty gray color. I’ve been told they resemble a marble pattern (? W.t.F ?).
  3. My bum is pretty nice. My husband seems to agree. After three kids, I think my bum is bigger, but .. umm.. there?
  4. My lips – my daughter has my lips and they have a pretty shape. I have pretty lips. *puckers up*
  5. My heart – it hasn’t failed me yet. Still beating …

What?!? She didn’t specify inside or outside, right? I have a damn good heart. Pffft. (:

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Tuesday Nonsense …

Five Things I Want My Kids to Know Before They Grow Up …

  1. There will be a moment in your life where you will be able to make your own choices. If you  want to wear a hot pink sweater with white-spotted leotards and Uggs boots when it is 95 degrees outside – feel free, when you’re 18. Until than, your choices (at an extended level) are MY choices; as I brought you into this world without medication because I didn’t want to harm you. That sacrifice caused me an unimaginable amount of pain for several hours, that will still take a few years of therapy to get over. MY choice… k?
  2. Life is not fair. Regardless of what anyone shall ever tell you, things do not just magically fall into place on their own. You will have to put a little elbow grease into it to get exactly what you want. The opportunities are limitless however, even when you have obtained a million dollars – life will still throw you a handful of fresh-shit. Be prepared by being smart, open-minded, tolerant, and willing to be a leader when the need arises. Oh and pick up your toys.
  3. I already know the dog didn’t do it however, because you are three years old and go to such great lengths to amuse me with your wild tales – I concur and move on while laughing on the inside. Do I sincerely believe the dog smeared an entire jar of peanut butter on the wall? Probably not because he listens when I say, “Paws Off!”. I love you anyways.
  4. Wilbor is not really Wilbor. Walmart does not have a hospital for fish. Wilbor is an ancestor of the three times deceased Wilbor. While lying is something I so lovingly remind you not to do, I lied because I know how much that strange, slippery, staring purple fish means to you.
  5. I am not a magician. While you are convinced I can make money, toys, food, and all your desires appear out of thin air, it just so happens I failed that class and took Psychology instead.

With all that said, did I mention my good intentions were an epic fail? As I began to twitch this morning from the usual morning chaos – a dear friend brought me a pack of smokes so I wouldn’t end up in prison. I suppose he thought a pack of smokes was cheaper than bail. ;0)


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Remember the scene from Poltergeist where her head spun around on her shoulders … all the way around. I can only imagine or at least suspect that will replicate my own behaviors in just a day or two. I am working on my last pack of smokes and have absolutely no intentions of buying anymore. My husband has already selected his safe zone; I believe it’s a built up concrete corner in the basement somewhere. I’m sure he has stashed food and water for an emergency escape. All is possible.