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I blog because assault is illegal.

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Fab-O on Tuesday Meme

Be fab-O and join up. Every Tuesday I will post a new list of “things” for you to complete. Post ’em in your blog, add your link/trackback URL/comment so we can check it out.

Fab-O Meme – Tuesday 1 – November 24, 2010

First Five – thoughts on this Fab-o words. Answer with ONE descriptive word. Yes, these words are ALL in the dictionary. =)

  1. interfuse::
  2. newfangled::
  3. Kerfuffle::
  4. gowpen::
  5. nelipot::

Now that I have discombobulated your thinking process with obscure but REAL words .. onto part II.

Three Questions – Rule: Answer this with your own formulated question.  Example: Q- How are you today? A- The sun is shining isn’t it? Have fun!

  1. Where are your shoes?
  2. Do you believe in paranormal experiences?
  3. Do you know one strange, obscure word?

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